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Insurance for a Learning Driver
[QUESTION]My son is about to get his learner's permit. Do I need to let my insurance company know now, or should I wait until he has his full license? -S.R., Tampa

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[ANSWER]Contact your car insurance company as soon as your son gets his learner's permit to make sure he's covered, even though your premiums may not increase until he has his full license. But start thinking of ways to reduce the premiums when he does get his license. He can help by keeping his grades up to at least a B average and taking a driver's education course. You can also designate him as a driver of an older car with only liability coverage, says Jeffrey Collignon, of USAA. Meanwhile, consider raising the policy's liability limits, increasing deductibles if the car has comprehensive and collision coverage, and adding an umbrella policy to protect your assets in case he injures somebody or damages another car.

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