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What's the Best Medigap Policy

[Question]Do you have any advice to help me choose which type of Medicare supplement plan to buy? - M.R., Folsom, Calif.

[Answer]Medicare supplement policies (medigap plans), which pay out-of-pocket costs not covered by Medicare, come in 10 letter designations (A through D; F; G; and K through N). All plans with the same letter have the same coverage, but prices can vary by company. Plan F has been the most popular. It covers the Medicare Part A hospital deductible and co-payments, the Part B deductible, and some emergency care outside the U.S. Plan F will be discontinued for new Medicare enrollees in 2020 (but people who already have Plan F can keep it). Plan G provides the same coverage except for the $185 Part B deductible. If you don't anticipate having many doctors' visits, consider Plan N, which usually has lower premiums in return for some cost sharing.

Most state insurance departments describe the types of medigap policies and list the premiums for plans in their area. Find your state's insurance department at


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