PG | 100 Minutes

Brief Language, Rude Humor, Some Action

Dr. John Dolittle lives in solitude behind the high walls of his lush manor in 19th-century England. His only companionship comes from an array of exotic animals that he speaks to on a daily basis. But when young Queen Victoria becomes gravely ill, the eccentric doctor and his furry friends embark on an epic adventure to a mythical island to find the cure.

Directors: Stephen Gaghan, Tom Whitehead, Tom Weaving, Will Coubrough, Peter Dorme, Alex Smith,
Producers: Joe Roth, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Susan Downey, Robert Downey, Sarah Bradshaw, Zachary Roth, Jonathan Liebesman,

Showtimes for 20149

Regal Virginia Gateway Stadium 14 & RPX

8001 Gateway Promenade Place, Gainesville, VA 20155 844-462-7342-4056


12:00 PM | 2:35 PM | 5:10 PM |

Cobb Village 12

1600 Village Market Blvd., SE, Leesburg, VA 20175 571-291-9462


11:25 AM | 5:05 PM | 7:35 PM |