PG | 87 Minutes

Brief Action, Thematic Elements

In the adorably different town of Uglyville, weirdness is celebrated, strangeness is special and beauty is embraced as more than meets the eye. After traveling to the other side of a mountain, Moxy and her UglyDoll friends discover Perfection -- a town where more conventional dolls receive training before entering the real world to find the love of a child. Soon, the UglyDolls learn what it means to be different -- ultimately realizing that they don't have to be perfect to be amazing.

Directors: Kelly Asbury,
Producers: Jane Hartwell, Robert Rodriguez, Robert Simonds, Adam Fogelson, Ruoging Fu, Mingyu Peng, Huixia Zhang, Luyuan Fan, Jerry Li, Shujin Lan-Shuster, Pitbull , Drew Matilsky,

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