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Dismembered deer carcasses remain a mystery in OhioPolice in northeast Ohio have no leads in solving a Friday the 13th mystery involving the dumping of several dismembered deer carcasses that were found alongside the road
The Associated Press2 hours ago
Going bananas? Israeli zoo scrambles to find missing monkeyIsrael's largest zoo scrambles to find monkey who swung out of tree, escaped from wildlife park near Tel Aviv
The Associated Press3 hours ago
In this Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017, provided by the Oklahoma City Fire Department, firefighters hoist a cow out of a swimming pool outside a home in Oklahoma City. A homeowner reported hearing some sort of “snorting” coming from his swimming pool area and emergency responders arrived and discovered a hole in the swimming pool’s liner and a cow trapped in the water. (Mike Seeley/Oklahoma City Fire Department via AP)
Oklahoma City firefighters rescue cow stuck in swimming poolFirefighters in Oklahoma City had an unusual rescue call: a cow was trapped inside a homeowner's swimming pool
The Associated Press23 hours ago
In a Jan 6, 2017 photo, former Toledo mayor Mike Bell, left, current Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson, and former Mayors Donna Owens and Carty Finkbeiner, right, stand at a reception to honor the 180th anniversary of the City of Toledo, featuring the historic "Portraits of Toledo Mayors", in Toledo, Ohio. The new display featuring the former mayors of Ohio’s fourth-largest city turned up a discovery: a photo thought to be of Toledo’s first mayor is actually a photo of his son.
Photo display of mayors reveals surprise find to communityA new display featuring photos of the former mayors from Ohio's fourth-largest city revealed a new discovery
The Associated Press1 day ago
In this Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017 photo released by the U.S. Coast Guard Station Los Angeles, a sea lion hitches a ride on a US Coast Guard boat crew off the coast of Newport Beach, Calif. Officials say the juvenile sea lion was so happy to be rescued after getting hooked by fishing gear off Southern California, it happily jumped into a Coast Guard boat. The animal was handed off to a crew from the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, which brought the sea lion to its rescue facility.   (U.S. Coast Guard via AP)
Cutest captain: Sea lion caught in fishing gear hops on boatOfficials say a juvenile sea lion was so happy to be rescued after getting hooked by fishing gear off Southern California, it hopped into a Coast Guard boat
The Associated Press1 day ago
'Bridge ninjas' gain internet fame after Nevada floodingA team of heavy machine operators drew a big crowd of camera-toting spectators as they plucked dangerous debris from raging floodwaters in Nevada
The Associated Press2 days ago
San Francisco man returns 100-year overdue library bookA book of short stories titled "Forty Minutes Late" has been returned to a San Francisco library _ 100 years late
The Associated Press3 days ago
Truck company owner charged with evading $1 million in tollsThe owner of a New Jersey trucking company has been charged with racking up $1 million in unpaid tolls and fees
The Associated Press3 days ago
In this Jan. 11, 2017, photo provided by Sherman Hiatt, people work to put out a wildfire triggered when a pile of chicken manure caught fire in a barn as it threatens property near Charleston, Ark. Agriculture experts are warning farmers to make sure their waste piles don't grow too high because the can catch fire through spontaneous combustion. (AP Photo/Sherman Hiatt)
How high is too high for a pile of chicken droppings?With the growing season still weeks away, chicken waste that will be used as fertilizer is piling up in barns across the South _ and causing worries about spontaneous combustion
The Associated Press3 days ago
Arkansas district declares 'snow day' after water line breakMore than 21,000 students enjoyed what will essentially be counted as a "snow day" on an Arkansas school district's calendar _ except that temperatures were in the 60s
The Associated Press3 days ago
In the photo taken Dec. 24, 2016, by Luke Gardner with his cell phone on a timer, Luke and Hillary Gardner pose with their son Cade Lee in Baldwyn, Miss. The husband and wife share the same birthday, and now also their son who was born on Dec. 18. The odds of that happening are about one in 133,000 statisticians say. (Luke Gardner via AP)
What are the odds? Mom, dad, son all share a birthdayLuke and Hillary Gardner were born on the same day of the year _ and so was their baby son, 27 years later
The Associated Press3 days ago
Airline: Non-toxic de-icer triggered emergency responseAlaska Airlines confirms that a nontoxic de-icer caused attendants to fall ill on a Thursday flight, triggering a hazardous material response when the plane landed in San Jose, California
The Associated Press3 days ago
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