Kobe Bryant gets roasted, defends himself over Instagram post about youth basketball teamSeptember 11, 2019 11:12pm

There is "sports parent" competitive, and then there is "sports parent who is also Kobe Bryant" competitive.

Bryant, who retired from the NBA in 2016, has remained attached to the game as a youth coach. He clearly passed down his "Mamba Mentality" to the girls on his roster, as his team recently defeated an opponent by 88 points. You know, just a super chill 115-27 victory.

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That's why Bryant's Instagram post on Wednesday afternoon was both ridiculous and unsurprising. He shared an old photo of his team accepting fourth-place trophies with the type of childlike excitement typically reserved for a trip to the dentist. 

Unfortunately for Bryant, screenshots live forever. Here is the original post:

And the current version with a few adjustments:

The first caption sounds like he's trying to shame a young girl for choosing a dance recital over basketball, which is a totally normal thing to say as an adult. The Twitterverse caught Bryant before he could make any tweaks.

Realizing how his message came off, Bryant made the above changes on Instagram and attempted to explain himself on Twitter.

Can't wait to see Kobe share an important lesson from Homer Simpson following the next game!

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