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April 03-- The most enduring home design trends often start at the high end. Think stainless steel, which began with the incorporation of pricey, professional-grade appliances into residential kitchens, or high-tech home automation, which has led to mass-market smart home technology. Call it the luxury effect. That's what made the Architectural Digest Design Show, held last month in New York City, a great place to spot the next big home design trends.

Here are five top trends from the more than 400 luxury brands that were on hand at this year's show.

1. Organic kitchens

First came the organic food movement. Now, kitchens are rising to the same level of wholesomeness. The trend is most evident in the banishment of plastics from appliances. Case in point: Dacor's Project Blanc 30-inch refrigerator and freezer columns with interiors made almost entirely out of porcelain. Besides the beauty of porcelain, the material is durable and low-porous, making it stain and odor-resistant. Other luxury appliance brands are replacing plastic with powder-coated stainless steel, obsidian and even glass.

2. Customized cooking

Gas or electric? It's always been one or the other when it comes to cooktops. But more luxury appliance brands are letting customers mix and match cooking technologies. Gaggenau's new Vario 200 series cooktops, for example, offer a range of customized options, including gas burners, induction elements, electric grills and even a teppanyaki griddle. JennAir offers a range of sizes-15, 24, 30 or 36-inch-along with an array of cooking technology options, giving homeowners more than 700 custom combinations.

3. Appliances that think one step ahead

The latest smart appliances communicate with each other. For example, Miele's new ventilation hoods are Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing them to receive information from compatible Miele induction cooktops. When the cooktop is turned on, the hood's ventilation kicks in. As the heat on the cooktop goes up and down, the hood adjusts accordingly. And once the cooktop is turned off, the hood runs for 15 minutes before powering itself down.

In addition to smart communication, we're seeing artificial intelligence being applied to appliance design in exciting ways. For example, Signature Kitchen Suite's new 18- and 24-inch column wine refrigerators feature an AI-driven app that learns a user's wine preferences over time and suggests wine and food pairings based on their available wine selection.

4. Outdoor kitchens with indoor appeal

The latest top-shelf outdoor kitchens have all the style and functionality of their indoor counterparts, including luxurious textiles, cabinets with sleek finishes and soft-close doors, and a slew of specialty cooking appliances. A show favorite was Kalamazoo's new Shokunin Kamado Grill, which features a multi-tiered fire grate that allows you to smoke "low and slow," roast on medium heat, or sear over intense 900-degree heat. The Shokunin is accented with an ipe wood frame and handles, for a furniture look becoming of today's outdoor kitchens.

5. Fireplace furnishings

Indoor fireplaces are also taking design cues from the furniture world. One of the hottest examples at the show was a ventless fireplace from Hearth Cabinet housed in a credenza-like cabinet, designed in collaboration with Cliff Young, the furniture design company. It's perfect for warming up a master bedroom or living room. The two NYC-based brands are also partnering on a series of sculptural fireplaces that exemplify today's taste for mixed metals, including combinations of stainless steel, brass and powder-coated aluminum.


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