On the Rocks: Ciroc vodka is tasty grape-distilled brandDecember 6, 2017 10:46pm

Dec. 06-- The base of any good vodka cocktail begins with a clean, crisp spirit. A personal favorite is Cîroc, a grape-distilled brand from France that has an extraordinarily smooth, clean taste, both in the original and its myriad flavors.

All vodka is distilled. We know that. And most of it is made from grain. We know that, too. But here's where the five-times distilled Cîroc is different. It all begins with fine French white grapes, the mauzac blanc harvested from the Gaillac region and ugni blanc from the Cognac region. The grapes are then made into wine that's then distilled four times in column stills, and in its fifth distillation the vodka is created in copper pot stills. No grain is used in Cîroc.

If you really want to jazz up that champagne, drop a dollop of Ciroc's flavored vodkas into a champagne flute and fill it with the bubbly. Think: French Vanilla, Amaretto, and Coconut for sweet candy taste. Or you can just keep it simple and create a few cocktails with original Cîroc vodka.



} ounce Cîroc vodka

} ounce good port wine

Splash of Grand Marnier

Dash of fresh lemon juice

Shake all ingredients together with ice, and then strain into fresh ice. Garnish with a slice each of apple and orange.


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